The Origins of Kendo:

Kendo, a Japanese martial art, traces its roots back to the samurai warriors of ancient Japan. The practice emphasizes the art of swordsmanship, honing not only physical skills but also cultivating mental fortitude, discipline, and respect. Over the years, Kendo has evolved into a global phenomenon, captivating the hearts and minds of individuals from diverse cultures.

The Birth of the Tunisian Kendo League:

The Tunisian Kendo League was established with a vision to introduce Kendo to Tunisia, providing a platform for practitioners to immerse themselves in this ancient art form. Founded in 2018, the league quickly gained momentum, attracting passionate individuals eager to embrace the way of the sword.

Promoting Discipline and Character Development:

One of the core tenets of Kendo is the development of discipline and character. The Tunisian Kendo League places a strong emphasis on these principles, ensuring that its members embody the values of respect, integrity, and self-control both on and off the training ground. Through rigorous training, practitioners learn to overcome challenges, develop mental focus, and nurture a strong sense of community.

Training and Education:

The Tunisian Kendo League offers comprehensive training programs led by experienced instructors. These programs cater to participants of all ages and skill levels, from beginners seeking an introduction to the sport to advanced practitioners honing their techniques. Through regular practices, seminars, and workshops, members acquire a deep understanding of Kendo’s intricacies and philosophies.

Competitions and Achievements:

The Tunisian Kendo League organizes various local, regional, and national competitions, providing participants with the opportunity to test their skills against fellow practitioners. These events not only foster a sense of healthy competition but also promote camaraderie and mutual respect among participants. The league takes pride in the remarkable achievements of its members, who have brought glory to Tunisia through their outstanding performances in international tournaments.

Outreach and Cultural Exchange:

The Tunisian Kendo League actively engages in outreach initiatives, aiming to share the beauty of Kendo with the wider Tunisian community. Through demonstrations, workshops, and collaborations with other martial arts organizations, the league strives to promote cultural exchange, build bridges between diverse communities, and inspire a new generation of Kendo enthusiasts.

The Board

Ahmed Nouisser


Sadri Smoali

Vice President

Kais Boudaya

Secretary General

Marouene Jarraya


Rim Ben Aissa


Honorary and support functions

Salah Hannachi

Honorary President

Fares Ben Souilah